Carpet Cleaning is where we excel due to the vast experience we have over many years. No job is too big or too small, and we take pride in taking on difficult challenges that other companies will simply walk away from.

How many times have we salvaged carpets that the owners already decided had to be ripped out and replaced, that is, until they met us. We utilize Steam Extraction Cleaning technology, that not only sucks the water and dirt out, leaving very little residue, but the hot steam kills any bacteria or critters that might be residing there. If you have pets, the carpet can be pre-treated with flea and tick killer, which, after having done its job, will be extracted during the steam shampoo process.

Do you have dog or cat urine problems? We specialize in neutralizing the odors and removing the stains. We use an organic technology from Canada that causes the bad odor causing bacteria to be consumed and eliminated. We are the exclusive importers of this product and no one else in Hawaii has it. We guarantee the results.

Also available to us is Dry Foam technology. Dry foam literally encapsulates the stain and odor causing material in your carpet and dries into microscopic crystals, which are later extracted by an ordinary vacuum cleaner. When we add this to our cleaning solution, it causes your carpet or sofa to dry in an hour or two.

Oh, I almost forget, we can make your living room furniture or bed mattresses look and smell like new again. We also can refresh your automobile carpets and upholstery. The dry foam treatment leaves your interior feeling soft and smelling lavender fresh.

Kama-aina and Military discounts apply.

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