Most people think of stripping and waxing as relating to older buildings which were originally equipped with linoleum tile floors, especially dated government and military buildings, and rightly so. Most recently built homes sport the new, floating, wooden floors which snap together and look like real wood. Warning!......Do not even think about waxing these floors, the stripper will destroy them.

However, here is something to think about. Do you have tile/grout floors which are all the fashion today? They are durable and look great, but have a universal problem; the tiles are easy to keep clean, but the grout gets dirty almost immediately and is impossible to restore to its original look. We suggest that you seal the tiles and grout right after installation to keep the dirt and stains out, with a sealing wax. Then, when it gets dirty, call us to strip and rewax. Grout problem solved.

Here is another suggestion. For those of you who have the new floating wooden floors, you were probably warned not to get them wet, or, heaven forbid, flood them out. The reason is, they are made of pressed particle board with a thin linear top layer that looks like expensive finished wood. Sometimes water, especially if the installation was sloppy- leaving narrow cracks between the boards, seeps into the crevices and damages the particle board causing it to swell, ruining your floor. We specialize in protecting your investment by laying down a layer of carnaba wax, then buffing it to a nice finish, effectively sealing all the cracks to keep the moisture out. Problem eliminated. The waxing should be repeated periodically, just like your car.


Fences get dirty and moldy, so do sidewalks and walls, as do stair wells for buildings, and what about garages and carports, lanais, decks and the eves for roofing? How do you clean them without climbing ladders and doing a lot of hard scrubbing? Use modern technology by shooting off the dirt and crud with a powerful jet stream of H2O.


Some of our clients hire us to do monthly or periodic cleaning, especially for transient accommodations; and some of these have a small yard. We can take care of the inside, and then tidy up the outside with our weed wacker and gardening equipment. Now, that is convenience and versatility.

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